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Scary Shooter Video Games You Should Play

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Scary First Person Horror Games You Need To Play

Look as great as our and are and for all the mods they have, changing your underwear is not one of them! Which is a shame because the games we are talking about today are pants wettingly scary!


Outlast is a game that sees you as an investigative reporter who is going to an insane asylum to see just what the hell has happened here. Well, this turns out to be a very, very bad idea as all hell breaks loose and you end up trapped inside! You have no weapons, all you have is a camera which you need to use when to gets dark! There are three choices in Outlast. You can run, hide or die! This is a very scary game, but scary in an awesome way. There is a sequel and even a prequel, but the original game is what you want to play.

Alien Isolation

With a sci-fi twist, Alien Isolation is a very interesting game. Most other Alien games before this were all heavily action based. But Alien Isolation does thing differently. You play the role of Amanda Ripley who is completely underpowered and in no way prepared for the horror that awaits her. When the alien is stalking you and you have to do things like hiding in a locker to just survive and pray it goes away, you are literally scared to breath. It is just an awesome game and one that does not get the love it deserves.