Resident Evil V11 is A Must Have Game Of The Year Looks Great Xbox One - Ps4 - Pc

Resident Evil V11 For Xbox One - Ps4 - Pc

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You Must Get Resident Evil VII

2017 has seen some epic first person shooters, but today we are looking at a first person horror game. Do not get us wrong our amazing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 modded controllers would actually work very well with this game (rapid fire mod we are looking at you) but today we just wanted to share a bit of info on why you need to check out Resident Evil VII.

Resident Evil VII really changes things up for the series. 4, 5 and 6 were all about action, but for Resident Evil VII, Capcom has gone back to the series horror roots. The first person perspective works just amazingly well and if you have PlayStation VR, the experience is even more terrifying. The game sees you playing as Ethan Winters and you are looking for your wife, which leads you to a creepy as hell plantation that is being run by an equally creepy as hell family called, The Baker family.

The plantation is full of things that want you dead and while this is a new direction for the series, longtime fans will be happy with some of the nods to the older games that are sprinkled around too.

With puzzles, action and a ton and we mean a ton of scares. Resident Evil VII is just an awesome time. It is by far one of the most interesting first person games to come out in 2017 and if you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One it has to be a game that is on your radar. Just be warned this is a game that honestly will scare you!