Prey 2 Is A Very Underrated FPS Game Check it Out Looks Amazing

Prey 2 Is A Very Underrated FPS Game

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Prey 2 Taking Everyone By Surprise

Ok so here we have a game that would be great with our PC, Xbox One and PS4 modded controllers, Prey 2! Prey 2 is a game that took the folks at Mods “R” Us and pretty much the whole gaming community by surprise. The reason for this is that many of us never thought it would happen. The first Prey game had one heck of a turbulent development time and while fairly well received did not exactly set the world on fire. So it looked like a sequel would be very unlikely.

Prey 2 was actually in development for ages and looked like it was going to be released.. it, of course, was not, but Bethesda stepped in as publisher and along with Arkane Studios decided that they would reboot Prey. With an all new story, setting and characters, the reboot of Prey took everyone by surprise.

Prey features some great first person shooter action. You actually have a lot of control over the design of your character and how they progress. While the action is awesome, it is the story that is really going to keep you playing. You play the role of a guy called, Morgan Yu, set in an alternative timeline (one where JFK did not get assassinated) you end up on an alien space station which is home to the Typhoon an alien race that waged war on Earth. It is just so much fun to play through and if you are into sci-fi, you are going to get a major kick out of this.

The reboot of Prey really is an awesome game and even if you did not get to experience the first game, it is well worth checking Prey out. By far one of the best first person shooters of 2017.