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Mods “R” Us YouTube Gaming Check Out This Flawless Run!

That is right, Mods “R” Us are part of the YouTube gaming community now. In all honesty, we are very excited about this. We love games and we love to offer our excite controllers with you and this mixes both worlds perfectly. You get to watch some fun gameplay and see just how good our controllers are while they are in action.

Insane Flawless Nuclear Gameplay With New Cosmic Camo | Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is what the first video is called and in it, you can see us run around the map, blowing people away. While the person playing this video is very skilled at Black Ops 3. The fact of the matter is, our modded controllers are a huge reason as to why the player is able to kick as much ass as he is in this video.

Watch the video all the way through (it only takes around five minutes) and you will see just what an impressive run this is. Using the modded controller he is able to do a flawless run on this map. If you check out his KD at the end of the video, you can see that he has 37 kills with no deaths… that is right no deaths! That is because the controller allows him to run around the map and just focus on taking down the enemy.

We hope you like this YouTube video and will subscribe to our channel as we plan on uploading more and more content that is going to showcase just how cool our modded controllers are.