Rapid fire Controllers Can Work With Many Games

Rapid fire Controllers Can Work With Many Games In Many Ways

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How ModsRus Rapid Fire Works In Any Game

How Rapid Fire Works In Any Game

One of the most asked about features of our Xbox One and Ps4 modded controllers is rapid fire! Rapid fire is pretty damn awesome in a shooter it turns pretty much any weapon into a fully automatic one! But Rapid Fire is more than just a mod to help people win in Call Of Duty, Battlefield and other first person shooters!

That is right while on the surface, this is what Rapid Fire is all about. It can actually be used with any game that requires you to mash the button really fast. A game like WWE 2K17 requires you to mash the button to avoid getting pinned, forget that! Just turn on Rapid Fire and hold down the button! If you want to just spam attacks in a fighting game like Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat XL, save your fingers the trouble and just hold the button down instead of having to mash it.

Now you may be asking yourself, “how is Rapid Fire any good when only shooters use the triggers” but that is another part of the charm of our modded controllers. You see our epic Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers allow you to map Rapid Fire to any button that you want!

This is really cool and makes it so you can assign the Rapid Fire mod to the button that is most convenient to you! So if you need to press A really fast, change A to the button that has the Rapid Fire mod. It is very easy to do and will make your gaming session easier and way more fun.

Rapid Fire is a really cool mod and as you can see thanks to being able to remap the mod to any button you want. It can be used in any kind of game!