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Grand Theft Auto London

Here at Mods R Us, we offer the best modded controllers for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But as we are huge gamers, we want to talk to you about some of our favorite games. That is why we are looking at the history of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto London (1999) PlayStation, PC

Two years later, we would get some more GTA action in Grand Theft Auto London 1969. Interestingly on the PlayStation, this is a standalone title, but for PC it was sold as an expansion to the first game.

One thing that is notable about this is that this is the only Grand Theft Auto game that is actually based in a real city and not one that is made up. It still has that same over the top, looking down style the first Grand Theft Auto game had, but it had been given a real good lick of paint. They did such a great job in making the streets look like 1960’s London, it has a real “mods and rockers” kind of vibe from the art style, music, and the dialogue.

Grand Theft Auto London 1969 was not as universally acclaimed as the first game, mainly because while it offered the same kind of gameplay. London was nowhere near as large as the three cities, GTA offered and in many ways it felt like a slimmed down version of what Grand Theft Auto offered.

PC owners would get some more GTA London action as they got a free download of Grand Theft Auto London 1961. This is a prequel which offered more missions to do and carnage to cause.