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Epic Black Ops 3 NukeTown Gameplay Video

The folks at Mods “”R” Us have been bitten by the YouTube bug and while their channel is in its infancy, there are some really cool videos on there. The one we want to recommend you check out is 122 Kills Nuketown 2025 Hardpoint Gameplay | Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The title as you can see is pretty self-explanatory. But the video is a lot of fun to watch and it is impressive the level of skill the guy playing has.

Racking up over 100 kills is no small feat, especially on a map that is as busy as NukeTown. There is a ton of places to sneak and hide of this map so getting that many kills is really cool. As you can see this is the PS4 version of the game and a huge reason as to why the guy playing was able to do so much damage was playing on the PlayStation 4.

What is really cool about this is that he was using a modded PlayStation 4 controller. That is why he was able to run around the map taking down enemy after enemy. It is really cool being able to show you guys just how much fun these controllers are to use. There is a ton of different mods for each one and messing around changing which ones you use is a huge part of the fun.

So please make sure you subscribe and enjoy the video. There is a lot more to come from the Mods “R” Us YouTube channel.