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Call Of Duty Zombies WW2 | Xbox One | Playstation 4

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Call Of Duty Zombies WWII

Zombies WWII

When it comes to Call Of Duty WWII, especially with the Zombies mode! But we wanted to end our history of Zombies mode with a preview of what Call Of Duty WWII has to offer.

Call Of Duty WWII: Zombies

Activision is taking Call Of Duty back to the trenches with WWII and fans could not be any more excited. One thing that has gotten all of us COD fans stoked is the Zombies mode.

It is set in a creepy and snowy Bavarian village where your team has been sent to reclaim some expensive works of art. You uncover a dark, sinister and just downright evil plot that involves the Nazis bringing soldiers back from the dead! This is something that is a bit of an urban legend as some historians have said that Hitler dabbled in the occult!

While we do not know a whole lot about the core gameplay. We do know that like the other Zombies modes it is made for people to work as a team. The better you work as a team the better chance you have of survival.

The main thing that has gotten people really excited is that this is not goofy like some of the past Zombie modes. It is straight up horror and Activision has said that it is going to be scary and full of jump scares which will make it even more intense. As you can see from the early screenshots of some of the zombies, they are really creepy and just flat out gross! We think that Call Of Duty WWII is taking Zombies mode in a whole new direction and we are very excited (and a little scared) to be a part of it.