Learn More About Call Of Duty World At War Nazi Zombies Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Call Of Duty World At War Nazi Zombies Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

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Zombies Call Of Duty World At War

Call Of Duty Zombies World At War

Zombies mode is one of the most popular things in COD and one of the main things our mod controllers is auto aim for zombies. Let’s have some gruesome fun by looking back at the history of Zombies in Call Of Duty!

Call Of Duty World At War: Nazi Zombies

The first game to feature a zombies mode was 2008’s World At War from Treyarch. What started as a little side mode added for fun would go on to become one of the staples of the Call Of Duty series and something many gamers look forward to each year.

The mode was called Nazi Zombies and it could be played by 1 to 4 players. The idea is basically to just survive as long as you can. Wave after wave of Nazi Zombies will be coming at you and if you work as a team, you stand the best chance for survival. The more zombies you kill and the more barriers you set up to keep them out, the more points you earn. You use these to buy new weapons and unlock new areas.

Nazi Zombies was a huge hit, so much so that Treyarch actually added a few extra maps as part of the DLC for World At War. Many gamers fell in love with this mode and it proved to be just a ton of fun in both local and online multiplayer. It was a mode that really did reward those who worked together and punished those players who would try and run off on their own and be a hero!

An interesting fact about Nazi Zombies is that for some odd reasons the whole mode was not included on the Wii version of Call Of Duty World At War.