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Call Of Duty Ghosts Zombies

Call Of Duty is an awesome series and our rapid fire mod controllers make playing it even more fun. Zombies is one of the best things about COD and we are looking at the history of it right here.

Call Of Duty Ghosts: Extinction

Infinity Ward was at the helm for Ghosts and they clearly took note of how well received Zombies mode had been in the COD games from Treyarch. So they decided they wanted some of that, but rather than using zombies, Treyarch wanted to put their own spin on it and instead used aliens or as the game calls them Cryptids.

So while it may seem weird that we have put Extinction in this history of Zombies mode series, Extinction was clearly inspired by Zombies. In Extinction, you pick from one of four different classes and you need to survive wave after wave of aliens. Like Zombies, you can buy new ammo and equipment. The goal of each level is to destroy the hive of the Cryptids and then move onto the next one. There are other objectives like scanning objects and powering up generators.

In all Extinction feels like a good extension to the Zombies mode and while many people liked it, it never quite took off like Zombies did and many people kind of wished that Infinity Ward would have just put in a new Zombies mode. Perhaps Infinity Ward was worried about being seen as just copying Treyarch if they were to put in a Zombies mode so they thought they would try something new.