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Call Of Duty Zombies Black Ops II Xbox & Playstation

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Zombies Call Of Duty Black Ops II

Call Of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

Our Modded Controllers have saved many gamers butts in Zombies and now we look back at the origins of this awesome game mode.

Call Of Duty Black Ops II: Zombies

Treyarch brought Zombies mode back for a third time in 2012 and this time Treyarch made the decision to really flesh out the mode. It was a heavily hyped feature in the lead up to the release of Call Of Duty Black Ops II with some people being mainly interested in Black Ops II because of Zombies.

Zombies mode now had more game modes. You could of course still just joining up with other players and do all you can to survive. But now you could play with up to eight players instead of 4. There was also new Zombie game modes added such as Grief and even a Zombies mode where two teams of four would battle against each other in order to survive. Honestly, Zombies contained so much content it was like you were getting two games in one with Black Ops II.

Zombies mode also had a far more fleshed out story. There were different stories set in different time periods with multiple characters. Even if you did not purchase any of the DLC. The story that was in the default version of Zombies in Black Ops II was awesome. It is more than fair to say that Black Ops II has one of the best Zombie modes of any Call Of Duty game and it is something people still play to this day!