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Call Of Duty Black Ops III Zombies | Xbox One | Ps4

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Zombies Call Of Duty Black Ops III

Black Ops III Zombies

Black Ops III is one of the most popular COD games and we have a ton of great mods on our rapid fire modded controllers that will give you a real edge in Zombies mode!

Call Of Duty Black Ops III: Zombies

We would have to say that out of all the Zombies modes in COD games, Black Ops III is one of the most beloved. The game play still saw you and your three buddies needing to fight off what seems like a never ending horde of zombies. But they did make a few game play changes this year. To start with you now have an XP system similar to what you have in the single player campaign. You can also get these things called Gobblegums which give you an edge by giving you a temporary buff as well as the ability to mod weapons.

Zombies would be included with Black Ops III at launch and would be supported with DLC packs during the games lifetime. The original story was called Shadows Of Evil and it was a lot of fun. Without giving spoilers the story is pretty crazy, but it has an awesome payoff and does tie into the Zombies mode from the previous Black Ops game. They got some top tier actors to voice the characters in Shadows Of Evil such as Ron Pearlman, Heather Graham, Neal McDonough and even Jeff Goldblum. For many people, Shadows Of Evil is one of the best Zombie modes in the whole COD franchise. Activision supported Zombies in Black Ops III very well and it was so much fun, many players actually looked forward to the DLC packs that followed.

We love this Zombies mode and feel it is one of the best things about Black Ops III!