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Call Of Duty Zombies Advanced Warfare

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: Exo-Zombies

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare did things a little different for their Zombies mode as it was not part of the initial release of the game. Exo-Survival was Advanced Warfare’s answer to Zombies mode, but they did tease Zombies in this mode.

It would eventually come in the form of Exo-Zombies. It was part of the Havoc DLC pack and it was very well received. It plays like the other Zombies modes where you and three other players need to work together to defeat wave after wave of zombies. Each kill or area your protect will earn you money you can use to buy new areas or weapons. It was a ton of fun and like the other games, it did have its own story running alongside it.

The big difference in Exo-Zombies was that these were no normal zombies. They had Exo-Suits. So this means that they can run faster and do all the cool stuff that you could do with your Exo-Suit. It also meant that they could add all kinds of cool looking zombies to the game which can run fast and even produce an EMP, disabling your own Exo-Suit.
Exo-Zombies is a lot of fun, but the fact it was not included with the original release of the game is what perhaps stops it from being as fondly remembered as some of the other Zombies modes in other Call Of Duty games.