Learn More About Call Of Duty WW2 Video Game | WWII | Xbox One | Playstation 4

Call Of Duty WW2 Video Game | WWII | Xbox One | Playstation 4

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Call Of Duty | WW2 | Sounds Better And Better!

Call Of Duty | WW2 | Sounds Better And Better!

As you know, here at Mods R Us, we are huge COD fans. That is why all of our modded PlayStation and Xbox controllers are designed with Call Of Duty in mind. Anyway, while we love the multiplayer action that Call Of Duty always offers. It is actually the single player campaign that is really capturing our attention and we recently just found out a few more details.

While the main aspect of the story is Red Daniels and his brother who are from Texas and their experiences in the war. It has been revealed that players will also experience what it was like for a pilot from the RAF, a tank commander and even a female French resistance fighter. While the brotherly dynamic of Red and his brother as they go through the hells of war is the front and center of the story. It does sound like, Activision has really created a great cast of characters that we are going to care about here.

We think this is great news as the story modes in Call Of Duty games have always been about the spectacle. Call Of Duty WWII sounds like it is going to have a lot of heart and make us really care about these characters that are being put through hell.

So while we will no doubt spend hundreds of hours with the multiplayer modes in Call Of Duty WWII, we can assure you that the story is going to be something we really sink our teeth into.