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By: modsrus | September 20, 2017

Grand Theft Auto Advance

You better get on the run from the cops as we are back with part 7 of our Grand Theft Auto retrospective!

Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004) Game Boy Advance

While not the first Grand Theft Auto game to be on a Nintendo system, seeing GTA on anything Nintendo related was still kind of weird. This actually started its life as port of Grand Theft Auto III! Obviously, that was far too ambitious and this idea was scrapped and Grand Theft Auto Advance became its own thing, which is actually kind of a prequel to GTA III.

As you would expect, Grand Theft Auto Advance has a top down view like the classic games. But this time it is a bit more polished and they have tried to give it a 3D kind of feel and things like the map, t...

By: modsrus | September 20, 2017

Overwatch | Ps4 | Xbox One | Pc

As you know here at Mods R Us, our modded controllers are perfect for those who love first person shooters. When it comes to first person shooters, Overwatch is one of the very best and most popular released in the last decade! Blizzard absolutely nailed it with Overwatch and today, we want to look at why that is.

To start with Overwatch has more personality and style than the majority of other first person shooters on the market. Blizzard did a wonderful job in creating a very interesting cast of characters. Each one with their own backstory and play style, plus charming personality. It makes it very easy for a player to gravitate to a couple of different characters and stick with them.

While the characters ...

By: modsrus | September 19, 2017

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Today we are once again look back on the history of one of the biggest game series of all time, Grand Theft Auto!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (2004,2005) PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox

When it comes to this era of Grand Theft Auto games it is fair to say that San Andreas is probably the most loved. Released first on PlayStation 2 in 2004, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would go on to be one of the biggest selling games on the PlayStation 2 and one of the most critically acclaimed as well.

This time the game was set in the 1990’s and you played the role of CJ who comes home after his mother’s funeral (she was murdered) to find his family in a mess. CJ tries to get his old gang back, has run in with crooked cops and ends ...

By: modsrus | September 19, 2017

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Gta 4

We are helping you keep those cops and drug cartels at bay as we continue on with our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002,2003) PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox

How could RockStar possibly top GTA 3? Well they found a way as Grand Theft Auto Vice City was even more successful and critically acclaimed than 3! This game was once again in full 3D, but this time the world was much larger and felt more alive. A huge part of this was the increase in NPC’s as well as side missions that the player could do.

The real draw of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the setting. It is set in the 80’s and this was back in 2002, before it was cool to set everything in the 80’s. The fashion, the music and ...

By: modsrus | September 19, 2017

Grand Theft Auto - Gta 3

Today we are once again locking and loading and getting ready to cause all kinds of destruction as we continue our Grand Theft Auto retrospective.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001,2002,2003) PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a game changer for the GTA series and in gaming in general. The people at RockStar created an absolute monster in Grand Theft Auto 3 and while the PlayStation 2 was already a huge seller. GTA 3 for many people was the game that made them decide to take the plunge and pick up a PlayStation 2.

Grand Theft Auto 3 had a story where you played as a criminal called Claude, a man who was done wrong and now he wants revenge. As the first 3D GTA game, the story was not as in depth as it would late...