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By: modsrus | September 22, 2017

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Once again we are shrinking down as we have another portable game in our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (2006) PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was a huge hit and at the same time, RockStar was working on another “stories” game, but this one was based on Vice City. It would be released just a year after Liberty City Stories and just like that, it is regarded as one of the best games on the handheld.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is once again set in the 1980’s. Just like its console big brother. The style, the fashion, the music, the cars and the way people talk are right out of the 80’s and it is awesome. This time you pla...

By: modsrus | September 22, 2017

Red Dead Redemption Playstation 3 | Xbox 360 | RockStar Games

Today we are saddling up as we are continuing our look at the road to Red Dead Redemption 2!

Red Dead Redemption (2010) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest games of its generation and for some people one of the greatest video games of all time. RockStar really did outdo themselves with this game and created one of the best stories, characters, and settings of any game.

The story sees you playing the role of John Marston. Who is a former gunslinger who used to run with a gang of bad guys. For years, John has left this life behind him as he tries to make a go of it on his ranch with his wife and son. But the past always has a way of catching up with y...

By: modsrus | September 21, 2017

The Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories

Join us once again as we take a walk on the wrong side of the tracks as we look back at the history of Grand Theft Auto!

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (2005) PlayStation Portable

The year prior, RockStar had a lot of success with bringing GTA to the GameBoy Advance. But with the far more powerful, PlayStation Portable they had the chance to bring as close to the console experience as possible to a handheld. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was the most anticipated game on the PSP. It was a game that many people actually bought the handheld just to play.

The story of the game sees you playing as Toni Cipriani, who as you have probably guessed is a mobster who is trying to work his way up th...

By: modsrus | September 21, 2017

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Road To Red Dead Redemption 2 - Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Redemption is one of the games that us folks in the Mods R Us office are super excited about and we thought it would be fun to look at where this series started.

Red Dead Revolver (2004) PlayStation 2, Xbox

While these days Red Dead is known as one of the major RockStar games. The interesting thing about this series is that it started life out as a Capcom property. Capcom was working on the game in 2002, RockStar bought the game, made some major changes to it. RockStar increased the violence and gave it a more “spaghetti western” feel than what Capcom was working on and the rest is history.

Red Dead Revolver sees you playing the role of Red Harlow. A gunslinger in the 1880’s who i...

By: modsrus | September 20, 2017

Grand Theft Auto Advance

You better get on the run from the cops as we are back with part 7 of our Grand Theft Auto retrospective!

Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004) Game Boy Advance

While not the first Grand Theft Auto game to be on a Nintendo system, seeing GTA on anything Nintendo related was still kind of weird. This actually started its life as port of Grand Theft Auto III! Obviously, that was far too ambitious and this idea was scrapped and Grand Theft Auto Advance became its own thing, which is actually kind of a prequel to GTA III.

As you would expect, Grand Theft Auto Advance has a top down view like the classic games. But this time it is a bit more polished and they have tried to give it a 3D kind of feel and things like the map, t...