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Our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers are the best way to experience Battlefield 1, but before that see just how the Battlefield series became as big as it is today with our history of Battlefield series.

Battlefield Heroes (2009) PC

2009 would see two Battlefield games released, the first one Battlefield Heroes was unlike anything else in the Battlefield series. This was aimed at a more casual audience and EA hoped that the ease of access and the fact it was free to play would result in bringing more people over to the Battlefield universe. This sounds a great idea in theory, but they also decided to make the game 3rd person!

Despite being in 3rd person, Battlefield Heroes features a kind of conquest mode. The idea is that each time has a set number of lives and flags. The idea is to drain the other team of all their lives while having more flags for your team. The class system from Battlefield was still here all be it in a more simplified and streamlined manner and you could still use vehicles during combat.

The games free to play model started out fair enough with players willing to put the time in actually being able to progress pretty far. But EA got a little greedy and changed the pricing structure of the game. So much that unless you were willing to spend hours and hours, grinding away, you had no choice but to spend real money in order to get better equipment. Despite this by the time EA closed the Battlefield Heroes servers in 215, around 10 million people had played the game.

Battlefield Heroes was an interesting idea and as it lasted so long, people were clearly into it. Perhaps had EA not been so greedy with the pricing model, it could have been even more popular?