Learn More About Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 - Pc - Ps3

Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 - Pc - Ps3

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Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Xbox 360 - ps3 - Pc

Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company 2

Our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers work awesome with the Battlefield games and today we are looking at another gem from the Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

EA Dice released Battlefield Bad Company 2 in 2010. The way to think of the game is a squad based shooter that is set in the modern day. EA had huge success with the first Bad Company so this game was highly anticipated.

Even after what happened in the first game it is realized that only this team of bad asses can go in and get the job done when a special operative is trapped behind enemy lines. What starts as a search and rescue mission quickly gets out of control and the story takes many twists and turns. The story in Battlefield Bad Company 2 was very well received and many said at the time it was the best in a first person shooter. Each mission had different objectives and you really felt like it was you against the world.

Multiplayer was a ton of fun and new copies of the game came with a VIP pass that would allow access to future DLC. This was a way that EA felt they could combat people buying their games used. Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch are the four game modes that were included in multiplayer and the squad based gameplay of Battlefield really came into its own and it was one of the most played games of 2010 across all platforms.