Learn More About Battlefield - Battlefield 4 Xbox One - Ps4 - Xbox 360 - Ps3 - Pc

Battlefield - Battlefield 4 Xbox One - Ps4 - Xbox 360 - Ps3 - Pc

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Battlefield - Battlefield 4 Xbox One - Xbox 360 - Ps3 - Ps4

Battlefield - Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 (2013) PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Battlefield 4 was the first game in the series to be made with the Frostbite engine and it was also the first game in the series to make the way onto PS4 and Xbox, making this the most mass released game in the series.

Once again Dice tried to give us an epic single and multiplayer experience, but for many Battlefield 4’s single player campaigns fell a little flat. They tried to give it an open world kind of feel, but for many people, it just did not work.

Do not worry though as Battlefield 4 has one of the most epic selections of multiplayer modes in the series to date. Dice brought back Commander Mode which was something many people were happy to see. The battles felt more epic than ever before and the vehicles and weapons just had an extra kick to them which made things more intense.

By moving to the Frostbite engine, Dice were really able to cut loose and make some huge levels. Not only that by destroying certain things on a map, players could alter the layout of a level which was a lot of fun to do. In addition to making the environments more destructible, Frostbite also allowed them to make the game look better than ever before.

Players could play as one of three factions, USA, China, and Russia, what was really cool was that thanks to the power of the PS4 and Xbox One, console players could not have 64 player battles.

EA and Dice heavily supported Battlefield 4 with a ton of multiplayer DLC, most of which was very well received by the fans.