Learn More About Battlefield - Battlefield 1943 - Ps3 - Xbox 360 Video Game

Battlefield - Battlefield 1943 - Ps3 - Xbox 360 Video Game

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Battlefield - Battlefield 1943 - Ps3 - Xbox 360

Battlefield - Battlefield 1943

We are back with another installment in our history of Battlefield series! A series of games that you can really dominate if you check out our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers.

Battlefield 1943 (2009) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The second Battlefield game released in 2009 was the downloadable game, Battlefield 1943 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, a PC version as planned, but was canceled. This at the time was the most popular downloaded game ever!

Players would be either part of the US Marine Corps or the Imperial Japanese Navy. Battlefield 1943 once again featured conquest mode where players would have to battle it out, work as a team and really utilize the class they are playing as to help their squad achieve victory. Once players reached 43 million kills in conquest mode, EA released a new mode called, Air Superiority.

One of the things that made Battlefield 1943 so much fun was that while it felt like a Battlefield game, DICE and EA really streamlined it. There were only three classes and there were only four vehicles. But rather than making the game feel limited, it made it feel must more straightforward and easy to jump into. We would bet that Battlefield 1943 for many people was what hooked them on the series as it was so easy to get into.

Battlefield 1943 was a huge hit and it was actually such a huge hit that in the early days of the game, the servers struggled to keep up with the demand. In 2009 it was the biggest selling downloadable game on Xbox Live and even now many Battlefield fans have fond memories of this game.