Learn More About All About Battlefield - Battlefield 1 Xbox One And Ps4 Battlefield 1 Video Game

Battlefield - Battlefield 1 Xbox One And Ps4 Battlefield 1 Video Game

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Battlefield - Battlefield 1 Xbox One - Ps4 - Pc

Battlefield 1 (2016) PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Dice did an incredible job with Battlefield 1. From that very first trailer when people saw that the game was set during World War 1, people were excited as this is a time period that first person shooters have neglected.

The story in Battlefield 1 was very well done. You play as six different characters with each one having their own war story. Each character is set in a different area, for example, France, UK and Italy to name a few. It was just so epic in scope and featured some truly incredible set pieces, voice acting and it was so well done that you really did care about each of the characters “war stories” the campaign was met with huge praise from fans and gaming publications.

Multiplayer in Battlefield 1 is awesome with 64 player battles, a ton of different classes based on infantry, vehicle, and elite. Many of the popular game modes from past Battlefield games would return, but Dice also had some new surprises. Frontlines is a lot of fun where you wage war to take control of five different points of the map. War Pigeons saw you fight over a messenger pigeon that has sensitive intel that could be devastating if it falls into the wrong hands! In all Dice made sure that there was a mode for everyone in Battlefield 1 and we think they did a good job in keeping the classic modes while adding fun new ones.

Battlefield 1 was a huge success, it sold phenomenally well and was praised by critics and gamers alike.